Pistorious Tales Of Woe

Every so often we normal humans need a good old fashioned murder trial to keep our attention away from such mundane things like possible war in the Ukraine or that other place called the Crimea. So pleasant not to worry about Putin goons beating up homosexuals or Fascists from the West who dare to invade the great Motherland of Russia. Down in South Africa they have a nice, pleasant murder trail which features a famous runner, the Blade Runner, himself who is accused of murdering his girl friend. Oscar Pistorious claims that he heard noises of an alleged intruder and blasted away and in the process blasted out the life of his girl friend. Anyway, another girl friend was called as a witness. Samantha Taylor said that Oscar was an angry sort of guy who enjoyed screaming and did enjoy firing his pistol. He once fired his gun through the top of his car after some cop dared to halt him.

Samantha did describe an occasion when Oscar went prowling through the apartment because he heard “noises” just as he claimed in the recent shooting. A major point of dispute are claims by neighbors they heard women screaming. The defense team argues that Oscar can scream like a woman. So pleasant not to talk about mass murder and only focus on a single murder. We humans are proceeding in life.