Pitiful Story Of Behring Breivik

OK, so Behring Breivik killed dozens of young Norwegian boys and girls, OK, so he was proud that he killed them, but do you know there were reasons for these acts. Does the world know that Behring was the object of horrible acts by Muslims in his youth? Does the world know this sensitive, decent little boy was tormented by those horrible Muslims during his early years of life? Just listen to these stories and finally understand why he was justified in killing people who had done nothing to him.

1. When he was only a little boy, the Turkish Muslim father of a boy wrecked his bike!

2. When he was a little boy, Muslim boys made nasty remarks to him!

3. When he was fifteen and riding on the outside of a subway train, the Pakistani conductor slapped him in the face!!

What else could this sensitive child do but murder dozens of innocent children??