Following are some places I prefer not to be seen at.

In a Fox News meeting called to discuss if it is possible to report objectively.

At a fruit stand which just received news the strawberry season is over.

An Obama meeting called to discuss how to create jobs– for others than bankers, that is.

In a room with John McCain as he writes his account of the 2008 presidential election and reaches Sarah Palin.

On the plane to Minneapolis when pilots got into an argument with traffic controllers.

Eliot Spitzer’s press conference where he announces another run for governor.

Any congressman meeting with health insurance lobbyists to discuss why a public option is un-American.

In Rudy Giuliani’s bathroom when he shaves and tells the person in the mirror, “who is fairest of them all, Rudy, that is!”

Yankee Manager Joe Girardi explaining his pitching changes during the playoffs.

Michelle Obama press conference when she is asked about the $6,000 purse.

Any Republican ethics committee meeting.

The Taliban meeting explaining to a suicide bomber why she must blow up a girl’s dorm at an Islamic university.

Listening to Tony Blair explain why he supported the Iraq invasion for WMD.

With George Bush as he cleans up his dog Barney’s poop.

A Wall Street banker meeting at which the head honcho explains why everyone is getting a $5 billion bonus for good work the past year.