Following are places it is best never to be found inhabiting.

Inside the brain of Sarah Palin where oxygen slowly disappears as she used the one megabite of her brain power.

A meeting of Obama economic advisers who are discussing how to create jobs.

In a room with Prime Minister Putin who just received news someone publicly disagreed with him.

In a West Bank Israeli settlement listening to a Rabbi explain how the Torah sanctions burning Arab olive groves because it is in accordance with Jewish social justice.

In a room with John McCain as he prepares to write his memoirs of the 2008 presidential race.

At a meeting of Fox News called to discuss how to report real news.

At a fruit stand which just received news the last batch of fresh strawberries is gone.

Waiting on line at an unemployment center.

Any place in Mugabe Zimbabwe.

On an island in the Pacific which soon will be swept away by the ocean.