Plagiarism Rises At Washington Post

Sari Horowitz is a prize winning journalist who wrote a few stories dealing with the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona earlier this year. She is now charged with lifting much of her story from newspapers in Arizona. The issue of what is or what is not plagiarism continually crops up these days. We suggest the issue is more complicated in modern times, given the plethora of data that pours out of the media. Our minds are flooded with data and it is not hard to simply forget how this or that piece of information entred the mind. However, in this case, she admits to simply lifting material from stories written by other reporters and now apologizes for the theft. But, the real issue today is slightly more complex since “theft” is so vague. Frankly, after reading twenty newspapers from around the world I lose track as to what is my idea and to which extent my mind has incorporated work of other sources.

I wonder if a twitter can be identified as an example of plagiarism?