Plague On Both Houses!

I continually encounter people who believe there is no difference between President Obama or Mitt Romney. They don’t want to vote for either man. This group reminds me of 1968 when millions were so angry at Vice President Hubert Humphrey due to Vietnam, that they refused to vote. This allowed Richard Nixon to triumph. This led to the bombing of Cambodia which led to the deaths of millions of innocent people. This led to four more years of death and destruction.   Is there a difference between the Republican and Democratic party?

A Romney election will result in appointment of at least one or two more conservative judges which will lead to the end of abortion rights. A Romney election will lead to the end of Student Loans, cut backs in Food Stamps, cut backs in health care, lower taxes for the wealthy, higher deficits, etc.. There IS a difference between the two parties. I you don’t vote for Barack Obama or Democratic candidates for Congress, you empower the wealthy and those opposed to women and human rights.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    if you have, a government against G-D. then you only have the government, established religions of the devil to deal with.
    if you allow, your government to against G-D, to determine what is religiously taught in your shcools of the devil. then you have only razed, the schools of massacres.
    the constitution of the united states, says congress shall not establish any religion, of that same old devil again also.
    what is the point, of seperating church and state. when today they are both with the devil again anyway. just another slick illusion, cause the washington, or state san hedreens – are not with G-D anyway. nor can i find, any one true church, here in the world again. the best i have seen, had so little truth it’s pathetic.