Planet 2,000 Light Years Away

A new planet has been found. It is far, far off in another galaxy lying about 2,000 light years from our own. It survived the end of one galaxy and now revolves around a star, just like we do. Are there life forms on this planet? I assume if life forms visited this planet, the first question on their minds would be, “are there intelligent life forms on this planet?” Where else in the universe are there life forms who day after day, year after year, century after century, kill, maim, and oppress life forms in the name of something termed a “God” or an ideology or some supposed deficit on the part of another life form– their skin or their eye color or the shape of their head makes them “different.” I must confess to having been visited by life forms from another galaxy. They have given me assurances there is no interest in Earth or Earthians or any aspect of this sad planet that only knows how to hate and kill.

My alien life forms have never been able to understand why some Earth life forms enjoy more than ample food or nice housing while others struggle to survive. There greatest bewilderment is trying to understand why Americans argue about extending health care to all who dwell in this land!