Planet Earth — 2050!

A new UN report indicates the population of this planet will grow from the present seven billion to an estimated nine billion humans. The vast majority of new humans will come from Asian and African nations which are the poorest on the planet. Jason Clay, at a meeting of the World Wildlife Fund points out: “More people, more money, more consumption, but the same planet” It is estimated to handle this growth in population requires doubling the amount of food presently grown in under twenty years. Anyone with the slightest understanding of population growth understands the importance of family planning, but we Americans believe in the ideas of the Tea Party, The proposed new budget of Republicans calls for drastically reducing funds for family planning.

The greatest failure on the part of Barack Obama has been in failing to be the Chief Educator of this nation. Unlike Lincoln, or Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt who went before the American people and openly confronted issues while demanding sacrifices, our current president hides in the White House with his trusted aides from Ivy League schools and allows silence to reign.