Planet Earth Rich And Poor

At the Davos meeting, a report indicated there are 85 people on this planet in possession of more wealth than 3.5 BILLION PEOPLE. A simple fact of life for those who live on this planet. It is clear the Republican party accepts these figures as proof that “talent” must be served even though the meal is rather large for a few people and nonexistent for the vast majority. I assume when we humans emerged as Cro-magnons, the disparity between those who had more goods than other Cro-Magons was nothing like the current disparity. I assume during thousands of years when we were pastoral people wandering around for food and shelter, no such gap existed. All Cro-magnons were in possession of pretty much the same amount of clothes or food. I assume when humans emerged who farmed, the concept of “wealth” began to emerge, but nothing like the current figures. Yes, there were kings and queens who lived in a palace, but the disparity between what they consumed daily was not the current figure between the 85 and the 3.5 billion.

I assume it was arrival of the Industrial Revolution that began the current growth in disparity. Emergence of technology simply has accelerated the growth in disparity. It is time to take action-globally!

1. No human should be allowed to possess more than ten times the national average of wealth in a society.

2. All money beyond the Law of Ten should be placed under control of the government.

3. Each society should establish a basic wage for each inhabitant that ensures a healthy life for individuals and families.

To sum up, anyone on this planet, anyone living anywhere, can exist on a million dollars a year!!