Planet Earth Still Around

Fromm last reports available to me planet Earth is still in one piece and the sky did not fall to Earth. Yes, there was a great event in human history when sixty women in Saudi Arabia actually got behind the wheel of a car and drove a few blocks WITHOUT A MAN IN THE CAR!! May al Sawyan drove to the grocery store for some food, and returned to her home and the nation of Saudi Arabia still exists. Sixty women decided to exercise their right to drive their own car without the presence of a male. Only one was pulled over, she promised not to do this terrible act again and drove away. This tiny blow for freedom was rather revolutionary for the women of Saudi Arabia.There are times when one wonders whether religious folk know something the rest of us do not. What is women and men hold hands in public?

I await the slow descent of our skies and the end of human civilization if women can even attend class with males??