Planet Earth Still Exists

I regret to inform members of the Republican party the sun is still shining someplace in America, roads are still filled with cars and people are shopping for their dinner. Oh, there is war in Syria, people are stuck in snow storms in Sweden and cricket is still being played in England. After dire predictions from the Republican party that democracy would end in America if the US Senate adopted the concept that it only requires a majority vote of 51 to pass something, a federal judge was actually nominated, voted on and confirmed with a vote of 56-38. Believe it or not, some Republicans actually voted to confirm Patricia Millet as a judge in the American court system.

Oh well, Marco Rubio is opposed to the confirmation of a judge from his state of Florida, most probably because he is black and gay, not white and Republican. It is time to end this system. One day Republican nominees will be confirmed by a majority vote and democracy will finally be practiced.

P.S. If Republicans had gained a majority next year, they would have changed the rules to ensure Republicans get confirmed. So much for the nuclear option.