Planned Parenthood Can Plan

Among the mysteries of life is why those who want government to cease interfering with their lives insist that only government can decide who I see about family planning. Conservatives have consistently taken a stand against Planned Parenthood because that organization not only provides information  concerning sexual issues, but devotes about 5% of its energy and time to providing abortions to those seeking one. In other words, I want you to keep your hands off my body, but I want to decide what you can do with your body.

US District Judge Tanya Alton Pratt ordered the state of Indiana to cease excluding a medical provider-Planned Parenthood– from providing medical assistance since it qualifies for Medicaid. The state of Indiana wanted to prevent Planned Parenthood from providing cancer screening! One wonders if conservatives are really secret Communists! They want the STATE to decide my medical assistance. End Republican Communism, stand up for individual rights!