Plaxico Burress And Stupidity Of Jail Time

Plaxico Burress is a former member of the New York football Giant team who went to a night club, displayed a weapon, was arrested and is now doing time for his stupidity. He is not alone but joins other celebrities who wind up in jail for a few months due to so some act of arrogance or ignorance that society insists must be punished with jail time. Actually, they simply are the tip of the iceberg of those sent to jail, not for acts against society, but for acts against themselves. We have 700,000 men and women in jail for some variation of a drug offense and this costs society $40,000 per person in order to lock them up and have them spend time doing nothing. Burress is a jerk, he believes that his status gives him power to behave in this arrogant manner. But, how many businessmen who robbed people in society of their life savings are currently in jail? How many stock brokers are behind bars rather than in bars drinking it up and having a wonderful time? Placing a person, whoever he or she is, in jail for an act against themselves is the height of stupidity. Burress will not emerge from his months in jail a “reformed” criminal. He will consume alcohol, he will do drugs, he will wander the world as arrogant as ever.

Placing people in jail for arrogance is an arrogant action that wastes our money. Send home anyone from jail who did nothing against society and we will save enough money to pay for health insurance for all Americans. Allow Burress to return from jail along with the other 700,000 and this nation will become richer–financially, that is.