Plaxico Burress And Stupidity Of The Law

Plaxico Burress is an arrogant self centered narcissistic individual whose only thought is concern with how much money he can make in his profession of football. He most probably loves being a football player given the adulation he receives from fans and the media. Mr. Burress is a football player, not a criminal. He is a damned good football player and his attempt to engage in criminal behavior such as carrying a gun into a nightclub simply displays his incompetence as a criminal.

Most gun advocates support the right of individuals to carry concealed weapons into nightclubs, schools, churches, parks, and, most probably, Heaven itself. Carrying a concealed weapon into a nightclub in many states is simply an act of defense and his only offense was to shoot himself in the damn leg. Ironically, the shooting of the self is probably the extent of bravery that most concealed weapons people would achieve.

There is no reason to send this arrogant man to jail unless being stupid is now a criminal offense. It is doubtful if sending Plaxico to jail will prevent others from carrying guns into nightclubs. He will cost the citizens of New York about $40,000 a year merely to satisfy the election campaign of Mayor Bloomberg who wants to “set an example.” Enough of the “set an example” approach to prevention of crime. There is absolutely no evidence it works.

Plaxico Burress faces the prospect of losing at least a year from playing football. That is sufficient punishment. Placing people in jail to satisfy political ends is not sound policy. Perhaps, compelling Plaxico Burress to spend a year working with troubled young boys would make some sense. Consider the waste of time, energy and abuse of the criminal court system by this travesty of justice.

If stupidity was a crime, why aren’t we sending most of the Congress to jail?