Play Basketball In North Korea-Or Else!

Reports coming out of North Korea indicate that the Supreme Leader, the Great Hero of Wars, those that were never fought against people with weapons, the Budding NBA star, or as he is known to the people of North Korea, Kim Song-un sort of wiped out the entire family of his uncle who helped him gain power after dad went away to the place up in the sky. Kim Jong enjoys anyone who can play basketball, you know, like the Great Dennis Rodman, he of the Red Hair, and body of a man who has long since actually run down a basketball court against those who can play professional basketball. Anyway, the reports indicate that after murdering his uncle Jang Song Theat, he decided to kill all relatives, including women and children. I assume Kim Jong-un has read Shakespeare plays about family members who gather supporters in order to kill the king.

Anyway, it is possible that a few were exiled to remote villages where they could toil in the fields and spend evenings watching the Great Leader shoot baskets with the Red Haired One. Ah, to be in North Korea now that spring is coming when one can play basketball outside, and when one has nothing else to do,go watch a shooting of the relatives.