Play Football Or Play Politics Is The Question!

I am a fanatic sports fan who watches baseball, football, and basketball a good part of my daily life. Among the reasons I enjoy watching a sport event is because there are no political aspects to the game, just some talented men and women doing their best to beat the hell out of the other team. But, anti-abortion folk want to make certain that controversy intrudes into sports by paying for an advertisement during the Super Bowl which explains why they are opposed to abortion. The ad will feature, Tim Tebow of the University of Florida football team who during his football career painted Bible quotations under his eyes. The ad is entitled: Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life, will feature Tebow and his mom who went through with a difficult pregnancy and delivered little Tim.

Mr. Tebow was an outstanding college quarterback, but has never followed through with a successful professional football career. I wonder if the reason for his lack of success derives from trying to use Jesus to further his career. I guess this proves Jesus Christ just was not into football or baseball or basketball. Perhaps, Mr. Tebow can get into donkey racing.