Play Muslin Card In France

France has serious economic problems but to French politicians the easiest way to fix the economy and restore economic prosperity is to ban Muslim women in their  country from wearing the  burqa. Current estimates are that about 2,500 of the three million  Muslim women in France actually wear such a garment. The Sarkozy government has issued an edict banning six imams from attending a meeting called by the Union of French Islamic Organizations(UOIF) on grounds if they speak there will be a “risk of upsetting public order.”

The only threat to public disorder in France is the antics of their politicians who play the Muslim card in order to secure votes. French Muslim leaders made clear that no French official contacted them to discuss concerns about speakers. Frankly, the concern was not with speakers, it was with votes. Period

  • IconQ

    The French must be doing something right.  They deeply dislike American right wing imperialism, n’est-ce pas?

  • Fred Stopsky

    As a graduate of the University of Paris, I agree. The French do a few things right. But, at heart they are all bourgeoisie and want their revolutions as long as they can have a good meal at the same time.