Please Cut My Hair

Faith McGregor is a woman who lives in Canada in the fair city of Toronto. She was rather busy and decided to rush into the nearest barbershop in order to get a businessman’s cut since her hair is rather short. The barbershop was staffed by men, but she really did not care, all she wanted was for someone to cut her hair. Alas, the barbers were of the Muslim faith and they informed the young woman if they cut her hair, the end result would be for them to wind up in Hell or wherever. She filed a protest with the Human Rights Commission. At a hearing, Ms. McGregor talked with Omar Mahrouk and they reached an agreement.

Frankly, no one knows the outcome of this dispute. Another minor issue in a world in which minor issues can escalate into protests and violence. At least, no crowd of angry Muslim men filled the streets of Toronto, no shouts of the devil at work. We cannot cut hair of women, but we can be protected by women police, we can have our lives saved by female doctors and nurses.