Please Don’t Save Me!

Almost twelve years ago my beloved president George Bush wanted to  save me from terrorists who sought to rape my wife and daughters and then to blow up my house. I was  told that unless American troops invaded Iraq and destroyed Weapons Of Mass destruction they soon would fall on my head. I was told the FBI and dozens of other agencies including Homeland Security had to possess the right to check on which books I checked out of the library in order to preserve the freedom of America. Frankly, I was rather pleased to learn that what I read was important to all Americans.

Now, the  liberal defender or American values, one, Barack Obama, informs me that he had to know which phone calls I made or received. Frankly, I did not realize when receiving phone calls about a cruise that the FBI, the NSC, the CIA or Homeland Security just HAD to know my cruise destination in order to preserve freedom in this nation. OK, let me make clear that I will not, under any conditions, take any trip anywhere without  first informing the American government of my destination. I also intend to contact  al-Qeada to make clear they know my destination. Perhaps, the FBI and al-Qaeda could coordinate their actions regarding me.