The crazies are once again on the warpath about President Barack Obama. Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold, naturally from the nutty state of Texas, was asked by a constituent why President Obama has not been impeached since he lied about his place of birth, and thus committed a felony. The Republican nut case responded: “If we were to impeach the president tomorrow you could probably get the votes in the House of Representatives and do it.” The only problem for Farenthold is that those criminals in the US Senate would not support the Constitution and refuse to convict the man from Kenya who has lied and lied for years.

There is something rather sad about the modern Republican party. It is composed of men and women who lack any knowledge of American history,let alone the Constitution. Their hearts are filled with hate and anger. Republicans since the 1990s have been transformed into a party that is anti-Constitution. The essence of Jefferson’s inaugural speech in 1801 was that in the United States, we are not Democrats or Federalists, we are Americans and accept the concept of defeat. If defeated for public office, we respect those who won because they respect the rights of those defeated.

Please, please impeach Obama. What better way to openly reveal the hate in your hearts?