Please Mr. President

Just check your daily newspaper for a photo of dour faced Obama gazes off into space as President Mahmoud Abbas talks and talks. For some reason, the head of the Palestinian Authority is not in love with Israel demands for what was once supposed to be the homeland for Palestinians, but now house by house has been transformed into homes for Jewish settlers in quest for more and more land. The president of Palestine showed the president of the United States of America a map which depicts land that allegedly belonged to the state of Palestine but now is in the hands of people from the state of Israel. “It is an ugly map,” he said, “this was supposed to be land of the Palestinian people.” As I recall, that land was supposed to be for the Palestinian people because the United Nations made a compromise which provided land for both Jews and Palestinians.

Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority is upset at Israel demands that Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” In response, he noted: “I have my religion. I have my story. When they ask me to recognize the Jewish state, what they are doing is asking me to change my narrative.”

Those who have worked hard to ensure the narrative of the American story includes, not only white Anglo Saxon Protestants but Catholics and Italians and Jews and Indians, the entire narrative is correct which encompasses plural narratives.