Please Spy On Me

It has taken time for me to grasp that President George Bush and President Barack Obama were simply concerned about my safety and that led them to unleash the National Security Agency on its campaign to prevent terrorism in the United States of America. Since 9/11 there has not been a single example of terrorism except from some crazy young men and we can thank God for this period of calm and security to the National Security Agency which has been reading our mail in order to ensure that we can-in the future- enjoy the right to have mail in a free society. Of course, in 2001 if American airports had installed the same safety precautions as then present in Israeli airports, there never would have been any 9/11. In other words, if basic safety precautions, already known and practiced, had been present, no terrorism in America. And, just remember, this safety would have come about without ANY spying on our phones!

Let me get this straight. Known procedures of safety would prevent terrorism without resorting to the need of spying. Naturally, this makes me thankful the NSA is spying. They are protecting me against terrorism that came about because of sloppy anti-terrorist procedures. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont asked the NSA if they spy on Americans. I am glad to report they reported that the NSA is “authorized to collect signals intelligence data that protects the privacy of US persons” and “members of Congress have the same privacy protections as all US persons.”

In other words this spy agency is not collecting data that it is not authorized to collect. So, if they are not spying on “US persons” who are they spying on?