Plight Of Job Creators

Once again, due to the heroic actions of the Republican party, forces of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM have been prevented from endangering the lives of Americans. Once again, those who create wealth, those who create jobs, can sleep comfortably tonight knowing that SOCIALISM was headed off by Republicans in the United States Senate. They prevented loss of thousands of jobs by voting to head off an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to the outrageous sum of $10.10 an hour. It is clear to any person who seeks to ensure wealth for this nation that FORCING JOB CREATORS to pay an extra $120 a week would lead to the end of American capitalism and the prosperity which currently is enjoyed in our society.

The vote was 54 to 42 with A Republican senator actually voting for the increase. About 16,000,000 would have witnessed a raise in income, about 600,000 would have moved from a poverty existence. BUT, this would have meant our JOB CREATORS came away with less money!

I guess the only solution to dealing with this travesty is to compel members of Congress for one week to live on the minimum wage!