PM Benjamin Netanyahu Is For Piece

Israel Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu has gotten his dream– the Republican party won a smashing victory for Congress and he no longer has to agree to anything desired by Obama or Secretary of State Clinton. All he has to do is stall, mumble nonsense, and tough it out for two more years and then some Republican president will do whatever he desires. Naturally, whatever he desires is the exact opposite of what Palestinians desire. Benji has discovered a wonderful political ploy– express words that signify agreement which disguise the fact he only speaks words, actions are not part of his political makeup. He told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “we’ll be talking about how to revive and continue the process to get an historic agreement with peace and security between us and the Palestinians.” Translation from verbiage to English: “I will express words of peace and agreement in order that I might construct new homes for Jews in East Jerusalem which will only lead to anger on the part of Palestinians. Got the message, say anything as long as it allows you to do as you desire.”

In a nutshell, Benji and the right wing religious fundamentalists are proceeding with plans to build 1000 new apartments in areas of East Jerusalem that should be part of a Palestinian nation.