PM Benjamin Netanyahu Strategy

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eagerly awaits the upcoming American congressional elections because a Republican victory in gaining control of the House of Representatives and the Senate ensures he will not have to compromise regarding settlement construction in the West Bank. He smiles at President Obama, he makes statements concerning his desire for peace and compromise with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, but this is smoke and deception which hides the real agenda, seizure of the Entire West Bank and incorporation of this area into the state of Israel. His Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has begun to make statements concerning who are “real Israel citizens,” and who are not. He has been suggesting taking away Israel citizenship from “disloyal” individuals which translates into Arab leaders in Israel who disagree with their government’s policies toward accepting an independent Palestinian state.

Frankly, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are powerless to halt this drive to expand the borders of Israel. Republicans will cater to what they believe is the “Jewish vote” by supporting Netanyahu and thus destroy any opportunity for peace in the Middle East. Republicans already have created terrorism in the Middle East by invading Iraq so the next step of creating terrorism in Israel and Palestine is the only logical end result. Welcome to the world of Republicans as exemplified by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.