PM David Cameron-Dig Hole Deeper!

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Party buddy, Nick Clegg,believe fervently in ideas  espoused by American Mitt Romney. Cameron is convinced by firing people, cutting government expenditures, that some how in some way the economy will begin to boom. Unemployment is at the highest level in decades and industry is not displaying any evidence of rehiring or stimulating the economy. But, David goes on and on uttering the belief that one “cannot let up.”

He admitted that many people in England were not too happy at austerity as a way of life. “I know it’s hard, I know it’s difficult, but when you’ve got a debt problem, thee one thing you mustn’t does keep adding to  that debt.”

Sorry, David, but FDR did the exact opposite during the Depression. We ran enormous debts in England and America to win WWII, and somehow once the economy began to boom people had money to pay taxes and reduce the enormous debt.