PM Drives Taxi

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stollenberg is fighting for his political life since polls indicate he will lose the upcoming re-election campaign. So Lens, decided to become one of the people. He got a tax, put on a taxi driver’s suit and picked up passengers in order to show that he was simply one of the ordinary people of life and wouldn’t it be great if an ordinary person became prime minister of the nation. It sort of turned out the passengers he drove around were really hired by him to pretend being passengers just as he was pretending to be an ordinary taxi driver. We thought this idea might be beneficial in America.

1. Just suppose, and I mean, just suppose, Congressman Boehner pretended to be a person living on Food Stamps for one month.

2. Just suppose, an executive at Goldman-Sachs had to live on only one million dollars a month, could he make it?

3. Just suppose Sarah Palin actually read a book about foreign policy, would she know the location of Afghanistan?

4. Just suppose Barack Obama went back to teaching Constitutional law, would he then urge the impeachment of Barack Obama?

I am just supposing.