PM Erdogan-Freedom Of Press In Turkey To Praise Me!

Turkish Prime Miinister Recep Erdogan unleashed a storm of protest from the media when he made clear of his dissatisfaction with the writings of those who dared question his policies or behavior. Erdogan reached over the heads of members of the press and addressed their bosses: “now, I am addressing the bosses of these newspapers” and argued bosses could not say their employees had a right of free speech. According to Erdogan, “nobody has the right to create tension in this country, (to) create tension in the economy. We will not tolerate that.” Of course he went on to say anyone could criticize him, but, then again, “there are certain things that are established.”

The Justice and Development Party has begun a campaign against members of the armed forces who represent forces of secularism. Erdogan has the right to insist military leaders can not plot against his rule, but the reverse also applies. He cannot plot against those who oppose his policies. If Erdogan continues his policy of suppressing freedom of the press i will guarantee Turkey will never enter the European Union.