PM Erdogan Is The Turkish Tough Guy!

Recep Erdogan is prime minister of Turkey and he has ruled this land with a tough political stance that has removed the power of its military to interfere with the democratic process. For eleven years, tough guy Erdogan has wiped out military leaders, challenged Israel, fought the Kurds, and made clear to one and all that HE is the MAN who makes final decisions in Turkey. There is scant question that Erdogan has played an important role in establishing the rule of civilians in modern Turkey. But, along the way of power he has become a power within the nation. During the past month, Turkey’s police and judiciary have uncovered evidence of corruption within the halls of government. It was one thing for police and the judiciary to uncover plots by the military, and quite another for them to uncover plots by members of the Erdogan government. Three ministers already have resigned, and several member of his own party have left the Justice and Development Party(AKP) in disgust.

In his New Year message, Erdogan came out swinging against those who seek to end corruption. “The December 17 plot is an assassination attempt hidden inside the package of corruption. The December 17 plot is targeting the people’s government” by seeking to end democracy!

President Abdullah Gul who has stood apart from charges of corruption summed up the response to Erdogan by pointing out that a democratic society is “governed by the rule of law.” And, that includes the prime minister and his associates!