PM Erdogan, Let Cheerleaders Cheer!

We Americans invented basketball and soon after the initial games were taking place, our basketball ancestors decided they need to liven up the action by having gorgeous girls in short dresses and bouncing boobs run up and down the court to keep minds focused on the court. Any basketball player has the right to gaze for a few seconds to his left and see white panties being displayed. However, at the recent FIBA 2010 World Championship match between Turkey and Russia which was held in the Ankara Arena in Turkey. Russian cheerleaders were told not to show up for the game and keep their panties hidden because Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was at the game with his wife who wears a Muslim head covering and is a devout Muslim woman.

I am all for religious freedom and try my best to respect other religions but my basketball religion requires the presence of cute girls twirling their bodies in the air and giving a display of enthusiasm and glimpses of hidden parts of the body. Next time, PM Erdogan, tell the wife to stay home and allow your eyes to enjoy the sight of beautiful scantily clad girls.