PM Erdogan, Plays The Turkey!

The tragedy of Turkey becomes increasingly clear as its Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan adopts the strategy of intolerance and power. Last year he refused to listen to those protesting about his plans to redesign the city of Ankara and destroy green areas. Dozens wound up in jail, and a few died. Last week, a terrible mine accident has witnessed the death of 225 miners with at least 150 others still trapped down below. Those protesting the failure of adequate safety regulations were met in Ankara with water cannon and beatings. The entire nation is now shocked at a picture of Yusef Yerkil, adviser to Erdogan, kicking a protester on the ground who is being held by soldiers. He admits being the man in the photo, and will issue a statement. There is scant doubt it will blame the protester for deliberately falling down and forcing him to kick.

Prime Minister Erdogan went to the scene of the accident and was greeted by anger and sadness. This is the response of the man who is in charge of government: “These are ordinary things. There is a thing in the literature called, ‘work and accidents.’ It happens in other work places, too!” Now, that is a caring statement from your nation’s leader!

President Abdullah Gul is just the opposite type of leader. He made clear to those suffering, “the pain is felt by us all.” It is time to get rid of Erdogan, he did some important things, and should now depart the stage of leadership!