PM Gordon Brown Announces Iraq Inquiry

During the early months of 2003, British Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted his nation lacked time to wait and investigate the situation in Iraq because the infamous WMD were poised to wipe out his nation along with the United States. Fast forward six years and the current prime minister, Gordon Brown believes it is time to conduct a thorough investigation into the causes of his nation’s participation into the Iraq war. “With the last British combat troops about to return home from Iraq, now is the right time to ensure we have a proper process in place..” says the prime minister. He made clear the investigation will be behind closed doors and will take at least a year to conclude its work.

I am confused. It took all of about two months to send British troops into the wrong war at the wrong time for the wrong reasons, but it requires a year to find out what the heck happened? I am glad Gordon Brown wants the “right process” in place, but shouldn’t that be done BEFORE sending troops into combat? The British people deserve to have an independent group conduct the investigation and it can be completed in about two months.