PM Netanyahu Digs Deeper Hole Of Obstinacy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu operates on the assumption one can not trust any Muslim or Arab and the best way to deal with such low life creatures is to rub their noses in the dirt. He informed the United States that he would not attend a meeting which will discuss the proliferation of nuclear weapons and will send his deputy. Reports indicate he does not wish to be in a meeting in which other nations can ask questions or discuss Israel’s nuclear arsenal. The world knows Israel has nuclear weapons, so there is no mystery in being asked what everyone knows you possess. His decision is consistent with a policy of denying reality and believing talking with one’s enemy is equivalent to accepting they have valid arguments.

In the midst of Netanyahu’s blunders in dealing with the United States is growing fear that at some point President Obama will put forth an American version of a peace settlement in the Middle East. On one hand, Netanyahu refuses to negotiate with Palestinians, on the other hand, he is furious that America might propose solutions. The bottom line is Netanyahu has surrounded himself with right wing zealots who hate Arabs and believe no change will result in no change. It is a theory.