PM Netanyahu Doublespeak On Gaza

During the past decade friends of Israel repeatedly have urged their government to collaborate with other nations rather than continuing a unilateral policy of obstruction which only isolates their nation from the world community. After the disastrous ill-timed assault on the Turkish flotilla, Prime Minister Netanyahu has finally recognized the importance of working with allies. However, in making an announcement that more goods would be allowed to enter Gaza, Bibi Netanyahu could not break with his fear of speaking truth to the people of Israel. A press release concerning change in policy was issued in English and Hebrew. However, the versions differed.
English: “It was agreed to liberalize the system by which civilian goods enter Gaza and expand the inflow of materials for civilian projects that are under international supervision.”
Hebrew: “israel will alter the system in order to allow more civilian goods into Gaza.”

The English version was accompanied by promises to implement the new policy as soon as possible.
No such words are found in the Hebrew version.