PM Netanyahu: See, I Was Right About Iran!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using State Department documents that were released due to the Wikileaks site in order to justify his stand on peace in the Middle East. Documents reveal that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was among several Arab leaders who urged the United States to bomb the hell out of Iran in order to destroy its nuclear development program. He now argues that demands from Israel for action against Iran are supported by other Middle Eastern leaders. “The greatest threat to world peace stems from the arming of the regime in Iran. More and more states, governments and leaders in the Middle East and in far reaches of the world understand this is a fundamental threat.” In other words, Bibi is arguing as long as he claims Iran is behind a threat there is carte blanche right for his nation to do as it damn well pleases. Yes, Iran is a threat to peace. Yes, refusal on the part of the Netanyahu is a threat to peace.

Many world leaders do not enjoy reading what US State Department officials describes about their actions. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi refuses to respond to dispatches from US officials in Rome that describe his wild parties and sex parties with young girls. “I don’t look at what third-rate or fourth rate officials say.” He only considers what a fifth-rate mind such as his says about the world.