Poland Fears Resurgent Russia

Recent polls reveal half the Polish population fears a Russian assault on their nation which has resulted in a dramatic shift from opposing construction of a US missile base in their nation to large scale support for the idea. A prominent newsmagazine, Wprost ran a picture of Prime Minister Putin on its cover and on his face was a Hitler moustache. The people of Poland must recognize the Bush explanation for a missile defense is a complete lie. The very idea that a missile base was needed in Poland to prevent missiles from Iran is ludicrous. Why would Iran be firing missiles at European nations? If anything, they more logically would be headed towards Israel.

Polish political leaders do not hold strong belief in security that might be provided by the European Union. In an editorial in Rceczposolita, it was noted, “Berlin is avoiding any kind of confrontation. Because German has no level to expert pressure.” A difficulty preventing any significant action on the part of the European Union is lack of any agreed upon action that might seriously impact Russia. The Europeans obtain energy from Russia and the idea o resorting to military action is simply not in the cards.