Poland, Russia, USA, And Missile Defense Systems

The Polish government is engaged in a flurry of activity to cover all bases regarding the proposed installation on their territory of missiles by the United States government. Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski rushed to Moscow to reassure the Russians not to worry about having missiles a few hundred miles away. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov assured him that Russia had no veto right over what Poland desired for its protection. Sikorski then turned his attention to negotiations with the United States over the missiles. The Polish government wants money and military equipment from the United States in order to modernize its air force and get some nice missiles of its own. In fact, Poland is so pleased to receive US military assistance, it even has agreed to increase the size of the Polish contingent in Iraq.

Lost in this running back and forth to secure agreements on missiles in Poland is the question as to why the missiles are needed in the first place. Poland wants its own missiles, why? Is another nation threatening Poland? Which missiles from which country will the new installation shoot down? Nations are prepared to spend billions on missiles and military equipment when they have no one to fight. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend that money on issues of poverty, health care or education?

  • Janus

    Typical dismissive American liberal view of Polish defense. “Is another nation threatening Poland?” Why yes, Russia has threatened Poland for many hundreds of years, and they continue to do so today. Your post is the usual snide pro-Russian pap – “Radoslaw Sikorski rushed to Moscow to reassure the Russians not to worry about having missiles a few hundred miles away.” Of course, they should not worry, as these are not surface-to-surface missiles but ABMs, which do not pose an offensive threat to Russia. Of course, Russia has many missiles which could threaten Poland, but you neglect to mention this. “Poland is so pleased to receive US military assistance, it even has agreed to increase the size of the Polish contingent in Iraq.” Again, thank you for your snide analysis – this is called negotiation, and in exchange for American funds for modernisation it is likely Donald Tusk was asked to make a larger commitment in Iraq. I am certain he is neither “so pleased” nor “so displeased” about it – he simply carried out a negotiation which he believes is for the benefit of Poland.

    You American self-described socialists were so happy to have Poland live under Russian socialism as long as you could live in America, with your high standard of living, and tell us all how great it was to live as socialists, while you parlor socialists did so only in your imaginations. No Thank You.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Russia offered to have the United States establish a missile base in Russia. That would have afforded protection for any European nation. To equate Putin Russia with Stalin is a joke and speaks of incredible ignorance.
    My mother left Poland because of bigotry. Her first day in school the teacher told her he did not answer questions from “dirty Jewish girls.” Would you like to discuss the killling of innocent Jews AFTER the war ended?

  • Janus

    To state that a Russian missile base would have defended any country except Russia speaks of “incredible ignorance” on your part, so who is kidding whom. Stalin was not the first or last Russian leader to threaten Poland so once again you have some ignorance to remedy – I did not specifically mention Stalin. I see what your true purpose is: anti-Polish posting based on a personal family agenda. I did not bring Jews into the conversation once and it does not have any bearing on the original post. If you are anti-Polish, you can be however you wish, but make it clear and do not disguise it in your blog posts.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Germany invaded France three times in the past 150 years. Today, Germany and France work in a cooperative peaceful manner. To call up Russia’s invasion of Poland(Nazi-Soviet Pact) is outrageous. There is no intention or desire on the part of Russia to attack Poland. You are filled with old angers and hate that French and German people have abandoned. Maybe, you can learn from them.

  • Janus

    It is no less “outrageous” than your immediate resort when challenged to unrelated grievances about treatment of Jews. You are supercilious in the extreme – at once proclaiming everlasting peace and forgiveness and simultaneously raising “old angers” of your own. What is more funny is that it is not even your own angers – you have to inherit them. How hypocritical is that?

    This discussion is pointless. You are an anti-Polish bigot who revealed himself. Thank you and good day to you.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I hppen to be the author of a book on the work of the famous Polish priest Father Kolbe and his performance in WWII. So much for being anti-Polish.

  • Staszek

    Killing of jews in Poland no such things happend remember that Poles risked their lifes in order for their Jewish brothers to live and still no apretiation most Jews simply like USA better despite the fact USA never done anything for them !
    What we hear in as thnx Polands Camps Polands deadth camps very funny I think all of you are Idiots !
    Its just supports the facts if youre a little country you always forgotten !
    You know if Poland were attacked no body of you dumb US liberals would care Russia is threating today Georgia for no apparent reason so ! If you dont see the danger for Poland youre an Idiot thats all !

  • Staszek

    And as the treatment to your mother all of us had been treaten that way by the communist but Your mother was a Jew!!! and that means she should had some special rights ! Becuse your a descentands of a choosen nation ! what a complete bullshit the truth is God picked the entire planet and not only an Jewish nation so what gives you the right to act so proud !
    Admit that if the Polish goverment in Exile wouldnt do anything as it was the case for western Nations ! Your granma would be killed in Auschwitz resulting in your mother never been born resulting in never hearing some of that Bullshit ! It would be much better for Jews to just die there killed by the Nazis cause Jews never been thankfull for whatewever have been done for them it was Jews (Jewish state !) that betrayed Jesus it was Jewish priests that wanted him crusified (And dont accuse me of antisemitism READ THE BIBLE IT STATES EVERYTHING I SAY HERE )
    Jews really sometimes act as parasite !
    You should be thankfull to Poland for what it did during the second world War !
    And accept that a Polish citizen needs to obey the Polish state (Your mother was a Polish Citizen !)
    Speaking bad of your country means youre a worthless Person (and you are Polish cause even your sourname s Polish for me you no JEW youre a TRAITOR !!!!!)
    And im happy you dont live in Poland cause all Poland is a shame of you ! You thanked your adopted Motherland very well ! Ill hope you never be interested in any Polish thing and you will never Visit Poland Youre BANNED FROM POLAND FRED STOPSKY !

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Unfortunately, your tirade simply reflects you have never read a history book.
    1. My mother was born in 1898, two decades before the communists took over Russia.
    2. The killing of Jews AFTER THE END OF WORLD WAR II has been documented.

  • http://idk123 brenda

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  • Polak Popolski

    I don’t want to get into the whole ww2 issue and how the numbers of jews killed in Auschwitz was grossly exaggerated (and just recently rectified)… Nor how it seems that Jewish people regard WW2 simply as an attack on the Jews… It would just be redundant.

    Let us take this back to the issue…. That is, that USA is making deals with some officials in Poland to set up missile bases and put Polish citizens on the front lines in Iraq…

    Ok… USA dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing appx 400,000 and radioactively destroying the region for who-knows-how-long… They have been involved in unjust wars ever since and are responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. If you ask the actual citizens of Poland, they are not very keen on sending their children to be slaughtered for an unjust cause. Further, although Russia may be a threat to Poland (hypothetically speaking), to start pointing missiles at them is just making Poland a target. While there may be some money hungry Poles in charge who are willing to sacrifice the security of Poland to please the American War Machine, this does not mean that is an act that is endorsed by most Poles (just like many Americans do not agree with the ongoing murder of innocent civilians that occurs daily in Iraq and Afghanistan.).

    As far as some teacher calling some kid a dirty jew… That is not the type of behavior that most people would approve of, and I can only assume that it is not representative of the Polish population and their opinions towards the Jews. I hate to break it to you, but 40 or 50 years ago, most people hated Jews… that is why they were denied entrance to any other countries as refugees when Hitler gave the world a chance to save them… Nobody gave a rats ass…. Poland, however, protected them just like any other Polish citizen. And it is due to this fact that any Jewish person, when looking at the world, can only thank Poland for their hospitality.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    1. Nazi administrators kept very accurate records of how many were killed in the death camps. There is absolutely no evidence that fewer than about six million Jews were killed by the Nazis.
    2. Your figures on the death caused by the atomic bomb is simply not accurate. About 100,000 were killed in Hiroshima and about 80,000 in Nagasaki.
    3. I agree with your views that American should not construct missile bases in Poland, it is a provocative move that Russia has a right to resent.
    4. There was terrible anti-semitism in prewar Poland. We have documentary evidence that Jews returning from death camps were killed by Polish people.
    5. During WWII at least two million Christian Poles were killed by the Nazis.
    6. England, France, and Belgium did accept Jewish refugees in the thirties.
    7. There are numerous Holocaust scholars who write about the death of Poles, French, Yugoslavs, gays, gypsies, etc.. No serious scholar claims it was only against Jews.

  • John field

    priests&nazi scum

  • Leon

    180’000, most civilians, deaths only in the first second of the Bombs explosion, and many thousands in the following months because of nuclear fallout. And in the following years ( the peak 7-8 years after explosione but it’s still happening) more thousands of people died because of air, water & ground contamination, with cancer, leukemia, cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory diseases. And these who have done this still call themselves humans, defenders of freedom and civilization?? They still rule the world with fear, fascist propaganda, lies, false flag operations, exporting “democracy (capitalism)” with war. Their cold war against freedom will never come to and end until no one will stand for freedom and equality.