Police Training Program In Afghanistan Not Working

The German government has been involved in developing training programs for Afghanistan’s fledgeling police force and after at least six years of diligence the only conclusion reached by German police personnel is that their plan is simply not working. A few weeks ago some visiting American officials were invited to meet with Abdul Rahman, the police chief of Baghlan province. They arrived at police headquarters only to discover no one was in the building which was strangely quiet. A few moments later a man entered and blew himself up along with two Americans. German advisors believe the bomber’s real target was Police chief Khalili who supposedly has ties to President Karzai. In other words, any attempt to train anyone in a nation which is at war with itself is a dangerous proposition.

The German effort was more effective several years ago when the initial candidates were more motivated and had superior education, but many of those men wound up getting killed and left the police force. Today, about 90% of recruits are illiterate, even after training they still can not shoot very well and the main thought in their minds is obtaining bribes.

So, what is the solution? Supporting President Karzai?