Police VS Cameron-Who Wins?

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is challenging London’s police force as well as police in his nation. Under his austerity program thousands of police will be fired regardless of conditions in cities. When riots broke out in London, the prime minister’s initial reaction was blaming the “insufficient” tactics of the police force even while saying they displayed courage. His Home Secretary Theresa May blasted police for failure to avoid or contain violence. She also made clear the government was going to proceed with a $3 Billion reduction in money allocated to police forces.

Paul McKeever, president of the Police Federation, reacted with anger. “He(Cameron) is  like a  scientist who has a pet t eory which has been completely debunked by exposure to reality. But he refuses to face that. The 16,000 officers who have been on the streets of London are the number he wants to cut!”

In other words, Cameron has reduced expenditures for  those working with youth to help them avoid violent lives, he has reduced jobs in government and he has done nothing to produce jobs. One does not have to be a scientist to figure out such moves add to violence in the streets.