Policeman Of World?

The current crisis in the Middle East has awakened the Obama administration to the issue of which problems in the world deserve the close attention of the American government, and which problems, wars, murders, and terror toward people are terrible but do not command the presence of the United States of America? Let me suggest some criteria:

1. A direct military threat to the United States and its interests. The Korean War was such an example.
2. A physical threat to an ally of the United States of America.
3. The use of atomic weapons of war which can not be allowed in the world.
4. The invasion of a neutral nation by a nation seeking to extend its power in the world.
5. A humanitarian crisis which results in massive deaths of innocent people. The US could use its power to prevent such massacres.
6. Responding to an act of violence against the United States or its allies.

At least these are criteria. So, what are the criteria advocated by the Obama administration?