Political Correctness Gone Nuts

We increasingly inhabit a world in which one must pay attention to the alleged feelings of other people. If I refer to the name, “Washington Redskins” then I,  am insulting those who are called, “Indians.” I have been told to refer to them as “Native Americans” even though the word, “American” comes from the Italian, Amerigo Vespucci. I am told to use the expression, “colored” rather than Negro even though Martin Luther King used the word, “Negro.” I assume a visitor from the planet of XUL would describe Earth people as being of differing colors, black, brown, white(yes, White is a Color!).

A group of French people decided to foster a program which aimed to reduce rampant anti-Ialamaphobia and  wanted to place signs in the Metro. They decided to use an historic picture, the famous one by Jacques-Louis DAvid of the Tennis Court Oath. Metro officials were upset because the revised picture depicted various religions and thus violated Metro rules about using pictures which contained religious symbols.

Only on planet Earth could this stupidity appear!