Political Parties Of India Unite To Fight Terrorism

There is something about violence which frequently results in people who ignore it to suddenly become aware, particularly if the violence occurs in their backyard. All major political parties in India on Sunday agreed to unite in fighting terrorism and unanimously agreed to set up a Federal Investigating Agency to coordinate anti-terrorism activity. the Bharatiya Janata Party (BNP) wants the nation to focus on Pakistan’s responsibility for the attack. However, the other parties wanted to wait for more information before naming Pakistan as responsible for the tragedy.

Perhaps, the initial step in dealing with terrorism is uncovering why ten gun men were able to control an entire city for days before being halted. There was ineptness in performance of Indian security forces who were ill-equipped, poorly led, and seemed confused on how to deal with terrorism.

Perhaps, it is also time to address issues of poverty in India, and finally work with Pakistan on a reasonable compromise to the festering issue of Kahsmir.