Politically Correct Police In EU!

Those who preach the doctrine of political correctness sometime err on the side of silliness. The Council of European Human Rights Commission has criticized the phrase being used in Turkish schools that has students say, “Happy is the one who calls himself a Turk.” According to the Political Correct police this phrase is insulting to the millions of Kurds or Armenians or Romas who live in Turkey. The EU commission regards asking someone who lives in Turkey, but is of a particular ethnic background as akin to insulting the individual rights of people.

Come on. Let’s be sensible. If one lives in Turkey, is part of the Turkish nation, than can we assume that individual is a Turk? There are people from every nation in the world who inhabit the United States of America including individuals of Apache or Cherokee heritage, but no one considers it insulting to say he or she is proud to be an American.
Surely, the EU commission has better things to do with its time.