Politics And Morals–

The topic of is there any relation between one’s political behavior and one’s moral behavior. In other words, if a politician is caught with a prostitute should that be sufficient grounds to send that person into exile? A recent poll of Danes reveal while 33% are upset if a politician cheats on his wife, 59% are furious if he is caught with a prostitute. Most Danes will not vote for any politician who cheats on taxes or presents false documents. It is apparent that many in society who might cheat sexually on their spouse become furious if a politician does the same thing. Frankly, I am more interested in how political leaders vote, the ideas they propose to deal with societal issues rather than the direction of their pecker. Sex with a prostitute is an issue that concerns a spouse, not the nation as a whole. Former Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York ended his career in disgrace because he spent time with prostitutes, with call girls who never seemed to cease calling on him, and lying about these matters. I could live with this behavior, but my anger was the incompetent political policies of the former governor.

I am all for sex with whomever you desire if you achieve our desires for jobs and for a vibrant economy. If getting it up with a prostitute enables you to get it up with financial stability, be my guest and get it as high as you can.