Politics And Pakistan

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, members of Congress, Republican and Democrat, worked together in order to ensure the Cold War would proceed without partisan conflict. There were moments when either party resorted to being demagogues of international relations, but overall, a bipartisan spirit  prevailed. Alas, that was then, today is the era of Tea Party madness. Several months ago, a mix up in communications resulted in American missiles killing 24 Pakistan soldiers. Ordinarily, expressions of regret would have been extended and the president would have apologized. Alas, the Tea Party is firmly  convinced the US is an “exceptional nation” that never, ever makes a mistake.

President Obama extended “regret” but no apology since to apologize would have resulted in Fox New going wild with anger. Pakistan has cut off use of its roads to send supplies to Afghanistan. Obama refused to meet with Pakistan President Zardari in Chicago and Congress is reducing aid to Pakistan.


Pakistan is a “broken nation” lacking any semblance of honesty or democracy. But, Pakistan has atomic bombs. Republicans are ready to fight over Iran which lacks atomic bombs, but prepared to allow Pakistan radical elements gain control over atomic bombs. Such is the madness of the Republican party.