Politics And Sports

The National Football League(NFL) and the National Basketball Association(NBA) are currently tied up in disputes between owners and players over how to split the pie of revenue. David Stern, who heads the NBA, insists the league is losing hundreds of millions due to excessive money going to players. Forbes Magazine published figures which suggest the NBA made a profit of about $185 million. The owner of the Indiana Pacers has a personal fortune that exceeds a billion dollars. He wants a revenue sharing plan that compels teams in large cities to share money with teams in small cities. Both NBA and NFL owners are prepared to lose a season rather than lose an opportunity to get more money. In a sense, these struggles are a metaphor for America. The wealthy are NOT impoverished. The wealthy are making hundreds of millions and the wealthy want more, more, more.

Reality is our current generation of wealthy have but one goal–more of the pie for them and less for the middle class and the poor. Unfortunately, we have a president who caters to their whims because he does not wish to come across as a SOCIALIST! Franklin D. Roosevelt once noted that his New Deal SAVED CAPITALISM, but the wealthy still hated him.