Politics And The President

Uneven year congressional or gubernatorial races invariably raise questions as to whether or not the population is sending a message to the incumbent president. There is a clear possibility that Republicans will win a congressional seat in New York that historically has been Republican and they most probably will win the governor’s race in Virginia and have a good shot at winning in New Jersey. What if all three go to Republicans. The good news for Republicans is they won the contests, The bad new for Republicans is they won the contests. Republican neanderthal minds are pushing for victory in the New York congressional race and if they win, the message is the Republican party intends to remain under control of conservatives who oppose health care, women rights and economic policies that are middle and working class centered.

In one sense, Obama would hate to lose the races, but in long term goals, he stands to benefit by Republican victories since it once again cuts out Republicans from being able to secure the votes of independents.