Politics Of Fear With Drones

The Obama administration has embraced use of Drone attacks since they do not require placing American soldiers at risk, they do not cost very much, and the end result is someone is dead as a result of these bombings. I admit to having a simple mind, but it seems rather confusing how people sitting in Virginia directing the drone bombings know the man in village X who is in the third house behind the police station is a member of the Taliban. The end result of Drone attacks is the death of hundreds of innocent people who happen not to be the terrorist in the third house behind the police station. In many respects dropping bombs on villages and houses is simply a form of terrorism disguised as a brilliant approach to killing Taliban leaders.

I read reports from the American military which insist the Drone bombing killed a “top Taliban leader.” Of course, since there is no way to verify if the dead man was really a Taliban leader we are left with an hypothesis posing as factual data. It would be interesting if the US military explained how they learned the man in the third house behind the police station was actually a Taliban leader. Being suspicious, we are left with reality that anyone can supply a name to CIA agents and the American does not know if the person is out to settle a personal vendetta.