Politics Of Hate In France Creates Violence

It was not the crime of the century when Karim Boudouda dashed into a casino near Grenoble and got away with thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, for the young Muslim man, police quickly arrived at the scene of the crime and set off in hot pursuit. Weapons were fired by both Karim and the police, but police aimed more accurately, and the young man was killed. News of his death quickly spread into Muslim slums, and not doubt, by the time news of his death had been told a hundred times, the petty criminal had been transformed into a modern day Robin Hood. Just before midnight a gang of twenty young men entered a train station, forced passengers to get off and then set ablaze the train. Police arrived at the train station and while they were attempting to ensure safety of passengers, the youth torched police cars. About 2:30 a.m. another group of young men clashed with police and shots were fired on both sides but no one was hurt. Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux then arrived and in a tough voice exclaimed: “When I say quick, I mean immediately, that’s how we are going to re-establish public order.”

No sensible person can argue against restoration of law and order, but tough words are just what Muslims in France have been hearing from their government. A few days ago an almost unanimous vote in the French legislature made it a crime for a Muslim woman to appear in public wearing the niqab or chador even though only a handful of Muslim women wear either of these garments. Unless restoration of public order is accompanied by respect for Muslims and jobs, there will be further riots.