Politics Of Protest

Ah, protest is in the air in every part of the world as people gather to protest against something or, for that matter, against everything. Some people in
America are against further war in Afghanistan, others are for more soldiers to be sent to Afghanistan–not themselves, of course. The Tea Party wants to cut taxes and reduce the deficit, a neat trick, that most probably is impossible to do, but it sounds great. Of course, Tea Party folk want that highway built to get them quicker to work, but as for other highways, that is a different issue. In Denmark, a group of people gathered to protest construction of a new hospital, and within months had become a new political party–Faelleslisten. Its chair, Leif Hornsbog, was shocked at poll results which indicate his party would capture 10% of the vote in an election. “I am very pleased and perhaps, also a little surprised because we after all not that well known.” Of course, his party has no agenda, no goals other than to resist centralization.

A month ago, a homeless man recently discharged from the US army, placed his name on the ballot to run for the US Senate seat in South Carolina and won the nomination despite never campaigning or having the slightest idea what he stands for in politics! The Tea Party is “against.” God bless them for being against. The issue for protest groups is what would happen if they actually got elected to office and had to do something!